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And the effect of American ginseng water effect

What are the effects of American ginseng drink water? American ginseng is known as the king of herbs, is nourishing medicine, many people want to know the effect of American ginseng drink water. So, what are the effects of American ginseng drink water? The process of water to Western ginseng is?
The effect of ginseng drink water:
American ginseng with nourishing yin and Invigorating Qi, tranquilize and heat fluid, double effect fire summer. The ancient language: "Western ginseng is cool and complementary, and anyone who wants to use ginseng without the temperature of ginseng can be used." So the supplement and not dryness are the special features of the American ginseng.
1, enhance the central nervous system: American ginseng saponin can effectively enhance the central nervous system, to meditation intent, eliminate fatigue, enhance memory effect, and can be applied to insomnia, irritability, memory decline and Alzheimer's symptoms.
2, maintain cardiovascular system: regular use of Panax quinquefolium can resist cardiac arrhythmia, anti myocardial ischemia, anti myocardial oxidation and enhance myocardial shortening. The symptoms of coronary heart disease are Qi Yin deficiency, palpitation and shortness of breath, which can be taken for a long time. The effectiveness of American ginseng lies in regulating blood pressure, decreasing blood pressure temporarily and persisting, and helping hypertension, arrhythmia, coronary heart disease, acute myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis and other diseases.
3, advance immunity: ginseng as Qi care medicine of choice, can promote bone marrow serum protein composition, protein composition, protein composition and other organs, improve immunity, inhibit cancer cell growth, useful against cancer.
4, promote blood vitality: long service of American ginseng can decrease blood coagulation, restrain platelet aggregation, anti atherosclerosis and promote the growth of red blood cells, increase hemoglobin.
5, treat diabetes: American ginseng can reduce blood sugar, regulate insulin excretion, promote glucose metabolism and fat metabolism, and has a certain effect in the treatment of diabetes.
Ginseng to drink water
1, prepare ginseng or radix 3G, medlar 3 grams, add appropriate amount of boiling water, cover about 5 minutes, you can drink, and drink not to repeat ginseng taste.
2, take ginseng or radix 3G, chrysanthemum 0.5g, drink boiling water. It has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing the water and clearing the heat and the eyes. American ginseng slices or segments or Panax japonicus 1g 3G, after boiling water to cook for about 1 hours, drink juice. It can enhance the effect of nourishing the Yin and nourishing the lung of American ginseng.
3, put ginseng into a cup, open with boiling water, water will go on and go down, and then go down. Cover it with a lid and close it for five minutes to ten minutes. A day to drink late, the water is not added a little, basically a day a cup. By the end, you can eat all the Panax quinquefolium
American ginseng is soaked in water to drink will not affect the effect of ginseng, ginseng tablets efficacy play a relatively slow, with blisters to drink to drink slowly, to better treatment effect. The efficacy is not decreased too much! The main component of American ginseng tablets by ginseng saponin, volatile oil, protein, amino acid, polysaccharide, nucleic acids, peptides, vitamins and trace elements, most of these ingredients are water-soluble substances, can be well dissolved in water, then good by the body. Absorption!
Key points of material selection
When choosing American ginseng, it is the first to distinguish between domestic and imported. There are two kinds of American ginseng on the front market, one is imported by the United States and Canada, the other is introduced, and its effect and price are also far from each other. Pharmacies sell ginseng most are introduced, the general price for a few dollars a gram range; imports of American ginseng in ten to twenty one gram blocks ranging in domestic only like fortune ginseng, Tongrentang a large brand to buy, the price of the most expensive Fulinmen Tongrentang, American ginseng is more affordable. The way of discrimination is: the imported American ginseng's wrinkles are irregular and appear rough and deep. The American ginseng is more lubricated and wrinkles thin and shallow. Secondly, the imported products are heavy and the domestic ones are lighter.
American ginseng drink water consumption
Health and sub-health people's daily dose in patients with dosage of 6-10 grams, depending on disease severity and the treatment stage, duration of disease, patients with physical symptoms significantly, degree, age, season and other factors. The general daily dose to 2-5 grams per day, the amount can be divided to 2 3 finish. Of course, American ginseng as a traditional Chinese medicine, although the exact effect, however, is the three drug, therefore, experts remind you, when taking ginseng best to avoid high doses, the condition allows, through consulting a physician may adjust the amount of professional pharmacists.
Not many electronic scales very accurate in the family, even with the electronic scale are less likely to eat every time they weigh weight, only Pingganjiao grab some grain, feel inappropriate quantity will appropriately increase or decrease, a suitable amount of re used to take feeling, since it is estimated there will be errors, in order to make the error as small as possible, we it is necessary to know the time to eat a few grams of ginseng, then taking ginseng at a time with the number of suitable? The first step, according to the situation that every day itself suitable ginseng amount (in grams, see list above), wash clean ginseng slices into the bowl. Put the bowl put water in the pot of water, not too much, the following can pad shelves, don't let the water boil when diffuse into the bowl, steam for ten minutes can be eaten, ginseng tablets can be repeated brewing, has always been to global tasteless, together with American ginseng with chewing tablets Clothing.

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