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What is the difference between Ginseng and Panax quinquefoli

Ginseng and Panax quinquefolium are dry roots of Panax ginseng C.A.Mey and (Panax quinquefoliumL.). China is the world's first clinical use of American ginseng, has 300 years of history, 1694 (Qing Dynasty Kangxi 33 years) "of herbal medicine prepared to" first recorded in American ginseng, the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong 30 years Compendium of Materia Medica has "supplements" narrative. Ginseng is first contained in "Shennong Ben Cao Jing", which is listed as the upper product. All the ancient herbs have been recorded.
In recent years, people's awareness of health care, cosmetology and postponing aging has been increasing, and demand for nutritional supplements has been increasing. Ginseng and ginseng are known as tonic and anti fatigue health care herbs. Although the participation of ginseng in the same family is similar to that of the same family, it is easy to mix up the character, arrangement structure and chemical composition. But after all, there are differences. What are the differences between them? What kind of physique for people to take? The old Chinese medicine is a brief description of the differences between the two.
One of the differences: distribution of origin
Ginseng is mainly produced in the northeast region of China, the Korean Peninsula, Japan and the Siberia region of Russia. Northeast of China is called "Kanto ginseng" (or Changbai Mountain ginseng and Jilin ginseng), which is distributed in Korea. It is called Korea ginseng. It is distributed in North Korea. It is called "North Korea ginseng". It is distributed in Japan. It is called "Dongyang ginseng". It is distributed in Russia. It is called Russian ginseng. According to the different processing and fabrication of ginseng, there are white ginseng and red ginseng.
American ginseng is mainly produced in the United States and Canada. It is the primary species of imported medicinal materials in China. China was introduced in 70s and was successful in 1980. Now Jilin, Beijing, Shaanxi and other provinces and cities have been cultivated, its quality and the North American ginseng is the same.
Two difference: character characteristics
The main root of the product is cylindrical or spindle shaped, which is generally longer than that of American ginseng and 3~15cm. The appearance of yellow, upper or thick stripes all sparse shallow intermittent and significant vertical wrinkles, lower branches many, their most slender fibrous roots, fibrous roots are often not significant small verrucous. (Lu TOU) multi juluan rhizome bend, with adventitious roots and rhizomes (Ding) a rare mark (Lu Wan). The texture is hard, the section is yellowish white, the powder is strong, the forming layer is brown and yellow, and the cortex has yellow brown spot resin channel and radial fissure. The aroma is weak and specific, and the taste is bitter and sweet.
The product of American ginseng root generally shorter, 3~12cm long, spindle shaped, cylindrical or conical, visible horizontal ring line and linear lenticels like protrusions, and a dense, shallow longitudinal wrinkles and fibrous scar. In the lower part 1 to root branch roots, branch bifurcation angle, have been broken. The body weight is solid, and it is not easy to break, the section is smooth, pale yellow and white, and it is slightly silty. There is a yellow brown dot resin road in the cortex, forming a layer of annular brown and yellow wood. The xylem is slightly radial, with almost no radial cracks. The aroma is strong and specific, and the taste is bitter and sweet. Although the smell is in common with the ginseng, the "ginseng" is more dense.
Key points of difference:
Ginseng with reed head, there is a root. No cross scars. The cross section is powdery, the formation ring is not obvious, and there is a crack.
American ginseng without reed head, no branches, fibrous roots, transverse scar, fracture slightly powder, formation of the central cortex significantly, resin canal significantly.
Three of the difference: the first effect
Taste of ginseng sweet, bitter, tepid, meridian in the spleen, lung by two, for the treatment of qi deficiency to removal, temper deficiency, Qi deficiency, tianjininjury thirsty, anxious and preoccupied, insomnia, insomnia forgetful, Qi deficiency and impotence disease.
American ginseng is bitter, sweet, cool, in the lung, stomach meridian two, the first effect is tonifying the lung and stomach fire. Commonly used to treat asthma Yindeficiency, expectoration of blood, fever, Qi and Yin two injuries, tired of thirst, lack of body fluid, intestinal heat, mouth parched and tongue scorched hematochezia embolism.
The key points of the difference are: Yiqi Shengjin, which are the similarities of them. The difference is that ginseng replenishes Qi, and is partial to helping Yang; Western ginseng makes up Qi, but it is partial to nourishing yin. Ginseng is better than Panax quinquefolium, while Panax quinquefolium is higher than ginseng.
Four of the difference: suitable for the population
Ginseng, especially sunburn (Bai Can), is only suitable for the stronger in the winter, or for those with hypotension or shock.
Panax ginseng, although the effect of gas supplement, but the application of the population is different, in the case of cold temperature.
American ginseng ginseng is common is not hot dry, where not suitable for healing and repair the ginseng, including summer heat Sheng Jin can use American ginseng. Hypertension, diabetes or at the beginning of the "three little" dizziness, sore throat and dry mouth, nor with ginseng, American ginseng and. In particular, antagonistic fatigue and postponing the aging of cells, American ginseng has been proved by a clear scientific experiment.
Although the Western Panax ginseng of the same family, the same family, characteristics, arrangement structure and chemical composition are also near, but there are still differences. According to the traditional Chinese Medicine Dictionary: "ginseng nourishing fire, ginseng Qi to help the fire, the opposite effect. But all the yin asthenia fire, long cough and blood, mouth dryness to promote the crisis. Ginseng is better than Panax quinquefolium and Panax quinquefolium is higher than ginseng. Therefore, when people choose American ginseng and ginseng, they should be used carefully.

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